48 thoughts on “Call Me Dr. Draggle!

  1. Man, at the rate at which you consume anime, it doesn’t surprise me at all you’ve gotten your PhD….I mean, it’s in Anime, right?? Congrats.

  2. Woah, congratulations Draggle! err, sorry, I mean Dr.Draggle.

    I know you didn’t do a PhD in physics, but you should go fight some bad guys like Gordan Freeman.

  3. Congrats for you!
    Focus in your academic life, and you still have time for anime things.
    You are awesome Dr. …

  4. Congrats again, Dr.aggle!

    Time to fall into an adventure so that Japan can make a Robotics;notes based on an your typical otaku protagonist (you).

  5. Belated congratulations, Dr. Draggle! I’m impressed that you managed such a feat while consuming so much anime! Anyways, I hope you have exciting holidays in Asia!

    I’m still alive, now finally again with a decent internet connection at home and hopefully some more spare time than in the last few months.

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