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Secret Santa Half-Review — Ergo Proxy


So, I suck. I wasn’t able to finish my Secret Santa in time this year. My choices this year were Ergo Proxy, Kaiji, or Brigadoon. I was most interested in Brigadoon, but I decided to watch Ergo Proxy since my last three Secret Santas had also recommended it, and it’s widely hailed to be one of the classics by stupid gaijin, along with Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Tehxnolyze, Kino’s Journey, etc., all of which I hate.

Anyway, my goal going in was to prevent anyone from ever recommending Ergo Proxy to me ever again. This was the fourth time I attempted to watch Ergo Proxy, and the first time I got past the first episode. The main reason is because the color scheme is awful. It’s so dark. I can barely see anything. Why would anyone do this to a show?

But… once I got past the first episode… I actually kind of like the show. Continue reading Secret Santa Half-Review — Ergo Proxy

Draggle’s Asian Journey Part VII: Hiroshima

Hiroshima was a short ferry and train ride from Miyajima.


The first stop in Hiroshima was the peace park and associated memorials and museums. The museum was quite good. There were a bunch of artifacts and stories from the bombing. It was extremely horrific. Although the museum was overrun with schoolchildren running around like maniacs and filling out worksheets, which didn’t add to the atmosphere much. Continue reading Draggle’s Asian Journey Part VII: Hiroshima

Draggle’s Asian Journey Part VI: Miyajima

After Kagoshima, the next stop was Miyajima. This stop in the trip was, I will admit, inspired by my Narutaru fandom. We took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima (it was quite a pleasant and scenic ride!), then took another train for twenty minutes to the town across from Miyajima. Then it was lunchtime!


Yum yum, eel! Apparently it was recently added to some sort of protected species list, and my cousin was telling me we shouldn’t eat it. Oops. Well, it was good. Continue reading Draggle’s Asian Journey Part VI: Miyajima

Draggle’s Asian Journey Part V: Kagoshima

After Okinawa, we flew to Kagoshima. I didn’t really have any set plans there, so we just wandered around town.

Apparently Kagoshima is very proud of being the home of Saigo Takamori.  Just wandering randomly around town, it seemed everything we ran into was related to Saigo Takamori.


Above is a monument for when his sword thrust through his mother’s vagina. Seriously, that’s the memorial for where he was born. We also saw the grave of his friends, the place he grew up in, the place where he died, his friend’s house… Continue reading Draggle’s Asian Journey Part V: Kagoshima

Draggle’s Asian Journey Part IV: Okinawa

We finally left Singapore, the world’s largest shopping mall. Next stop was a layover at the Shanghai airport before our next stop in Okinawa! If you just want food pictures skip to the bottom.

Shanghai Airport

My impression of China was that China is a giant shithole. We arrived at 4:30 AM, but the airport didn’t open until 6 AM for some reason, so we had to wait in this tiny little waiting room. There were all these cigarette butts on the floor in the bathroom and it stunk. When we finally got into the airport itself, we went through the security line, and at the end was a big pile of stale barf that looked like it had been there for days, surrounded by three security guards chatting who didn’t seem to notice it.

Had been thinking about staying in China longer but was grateful I didn’t.

Okinawa Sights

That evening, we arrived in Okinawa, in the capital, Naha. We had a little difficulty getting through Japanese customs due to our inability to understand Japanese addresses but eventually we made it.


Then we rode the monorail to our hotel! It was like Disney World but better. This girl who worked at the monorail helped me get tickets, she had such a big smile and a high pitched voice and said thank you to everyone who walked through the gate, it was kind of creepy, like a girl from anime. I knew we had arrived in Japan. Continue reading Draggle’s Asian Journey Part IV: Okinawa