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Manga I’m Reading Part I

Lately I’ve been reading manga more than I’ve been watching anime. Anime takes too long and I’m getting lazier and lazier in my old age. I find most of my manga with recommendations from @cptngarlock and @joinedforfal, so ask them, they have better taste than me.

In this series of posts I’ll go through the manga / manhwa / whatever I’m currently reading and / or happened to finish reading in the past year or so. All of these are ones that I like, I’ll leave out the ones I didn’t.

I haven’t kept track well enough to make a list of my all time favorites, unfortunately. But I recommend everything by Inio Asano, Mohiro Kitoh, and Satoshi Mizukami.

Key: Recommend, Highly Recommend, Highest Recommendation.

I’m going in alphabetical order, so please recommend any favorites I miss!


AKB49: Lolwut. A boy joins AKB48 and gets in lots of ridiculous situations. It’s so good though. The drama is ridiculously intense. It feels like every other chapter this boy is in danger of getting fired or having the whole world learn his secret. A big page turner. I read 200 chapters worth in, like… 3 days? Plus good shipping even if it doesn’t go anywhere. The boy is best girl. Continue reading Manga I’m Reading Part I

Narutaru Ch. 27 – 28 — Flying Dolphins

Ch. 27 Summary — Sudou takes Akira and Shiina fishing. Shiina and Akira catch fish and release them. Sudou tells Akira that she enjoys playing with life.

Ch. 28 Summary — Shiina meets Jun, a girl with a dragon child, and they see a dolphin Otohime together. Shiina meets Shouko at the hospital, Jun’s childhood friend, who watches over their mutual friend Kyouji who is in a coma. Shouko declares she wants to have Kyouji’s baby. Jun appears to tell Shouko that she’s a bitch. It turns out Jun was Kyouji, using his dragon child to take form. Kyouji becomes a dragon. Later Shiina takes Shouko to see Jun flying through the sky. (This was a long chapter. Half a volume.)

Toying with Life

In Chapter 27, Sudou tells Akira that she enjoyed playing with the lives of the fish and making them suffer. Therefore she should have fun and make all of humanity suffer. I’m simplifying things slightly but that’s essentially the gist of his argument. Not a very convincing one. But hey, he’s a stupid kid.


Speaking of how he’s a stupid kid, the finishing trip explains a lot about Sudou. He tells Shiina and Akira to read a book, and thinks they can learn everything about fishing from that. He doesn’t even try finishing himself. Shiina, on the other hand, asks the fisherman how to fish, learns how to do it, and makes some new friends. Sudou wants a world in which everyone criticizes and thinks for themselves. Yet is he even one of these people himself? He thinks he knows everything already without having experienced it himself, and thinks that other people have nothing to offer. He lacks desire, and doesn’t explore new things, even limiting himself to a simple meal of rice and pickled vegetables. Yet he thinks he knows everything about the world and is ready to rebuild it from scratch. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 27 – 28 — Flying Dolphins

Narutaru Ch. 25 – 26 — Continuing Investigations

 Ch. 25 Summary: Tatsumi and his assistant visit Shiina’s sword-fighting class. Shiina beats Tatsumi badly.

Ch. 26 Summary: Bungou investigates Sudou, and ends up having an interesting conversation with the naked girl living in his house.


In Ch. 25, Tatsumi meets Shiina, although neither realizes the other’s true identity. Tatsumi starts off on terrible footing, by telling Shiina what a nice name she has. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 25 – 26 — Continuing Investigations

Narutaru Ch. 22 – 24 — Pregnancy and Control

Ch. 22 Summary: Our two villains in the government discuss the political ramifications of the military incident.

Ch. 23 Summary: We learn about Takeo’s infinite libido. Shiina asks Takeo and Norio why she can’t control Hoshimaru. Takeo asks Shiina if she has a boyfriend.

Ch. 24 Summary: A girl on the track team attempts to seduce Bungo. She’s rejected, and then Satomi delivers the finishing blow.

Bearing Children


So Takeo’s had five children… or maybe six now. And it sounds like he doesn’t have any plans to stop until he has a hundred. Shiina, you’d better not get too close to this guy. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 22 – 24 — Pregnancy and Control