Narutaru Ch. 34 – 36 — Filtering

Ch. 34 Summary: Shiina enters Banda academy. She’s growing up.

Ch. 35 Summary: Sudou shoots some kids for littering.

Ch. 36 Summary: Shiina starts school and slaps Satomi in the face.

Coming of Age

Not much to say about Ch. 34. It’s mostly there to show that Shiina’s growing up, entering junior high, and time has passed since Hiro died. Shiina’s mother still sucks, Takeo is still a pervert, Sudou is still Sudou, and Shiina’s dad is still a lolicon.


Now Shiina is too old so he refuses to take baths with her, no matter how much she begs him…

Daddy also appears to be concerned about all the older men that Shiina knows. But with people like Takeo and Sudou, I can’t blame him.

One interesting thing Shiina’s dad says to his wife: that the monster (Hiro) seemed more afraid than he was. He’s certainly a compassionate person.

Cleaning Up the Trash


Sudou sees some people littering, so what does he do? Pull out a gun and shoot them, of course! Oh, Sudou…

This is what happens when teenagers have the power to match their delusions of grandeur and superiority complexes.


Earlier in this chapter Mamiko says she wants to go to school so she can experience real people, without the “filters”. I suspect this is what she means. People are conditioned by society to control themselves and not give in to their first impulse.

Here, Sudou doesn’t possess the filter which prevents him from shooting people for littering. As a teenager, perhaps I would have agreed that these filters are a bad thing (actually, I don’t think I would have, but…) But as an adult, thank God most people have manged to develop these filters. Perhaps some of them are repressive, but I’m grateful for whichever ones prevent people from shooting random people for littering.

Further Thoughts


Poor Hoshimaru… Shiina is such a jerk.


He’s such a loyal friend, even stalking her back and forth from school. Not the best hider though haha.


The slap was good. Actually anything involving Satomi suffering is good. 🙂


Kitoh’s faces are great. So much emotion conveyed with only a few lines. His faces and characters in general are simply drawn, but he conveys so much emotion through them. Less is sometimes more, even for the details you’re drawing.

It reminds me of this classic video. All it is is animated triangles, a circle, and a few lines. Yet it’s able to tell a story and convey the emotions of the characters, much better than many current anime. It’s sad to say this but I don’t think many people would disagree. Sometimes, when focusing on the art and the voicing and whatnot, the essence of a good story can be lost.

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