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Narutaru Ch. 25 – 26 — Continuing Investigations

┬áCh. 25 Summary: Tatsumi and his assistant visit Shiina’s sword-fighting class. Shiina beats Tatsumi badly.

Ch. 26 Summary: Bungou investigates Sudou, and ends up having an interesting conversation with the naked girl living in his house.


In Ch. 25, Tatsumi meets Shiina, although neither realizes the other’s true identity. Tatsumi starts off on terrible footing, by telling Shiina what a nice name she has. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 25 – 26 — Continuing Investigations

Narutaru Ch. 22 – 24 — Pregnancy and Control

Ch. 22 Summary: Our two villains in the government discuss the political ramifications of the military incident.

Ch. 23 Summary: We learn about Takeo’s infinite libido. Shiina asks Takeo and Norio why she can’t control Hoshimaru. Takeo asks Shiina if she has a boyfriend.

Ch. 24 Summary: A girl on the track team attempts to seduce Bungo. She’s rejected, and then Satomi delivers the finishing blow.

Bearing Children


So Takeo’s had five children… or maybe six now. And it sounds like he doesn’t have any plans to stop until he has a hundred. Shiina, you’d better not get too close to this guy. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 22 – 24 — Pregnancy and Control

Narutaru Ch. 16 – 19 — New Encounters


Ch. 16 Summary: Shiina and Akira follow Tsurumura to his and Koga’s building, where they discover Koga creating what looks to be other dragon children.

Ch. 17 Summary: Akira hears about Tomonori’s death on the news. Because he disappeared his mother starved to death. Everyone talked about what a great, loving child he was who dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Ch. 18 Summary: Akira goes to leave flowers at Tomonori’s house. She encounters Sudo and they run from the cops together. Explosions ensue.

Ch. 19 Summary: Miyako and Satou discuss their plans in the car.

Things are slowing down a bit as we establish the villains. There’s less to say so I’m combining more chapters into a single post. Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 16 – 19 — New Encounters

Narutaru Ch. 14-15 — Hard Questions

Ch. 14 Summary: Shiina’s mother visits her father in the hospital to quiz him on what happened. Shiina also visits, and then attends the other pilot’s funeral. Akira asks Shiina for help, showing her a threatening note.
Ch. 15 Summary: Shiina and Akira discuss what to do in response to the note. Shiina says she will kill anyone who threatens her father.

In the car on the way to the funeral, Shiina asks her father’s friend a question he can’t answer:


“What’s the point of being born if you’re just going to die?” Continue reading Narutaru Ch. 14-15 — Hard Questions