Classroom Crisis 05 — All Work and No Play


Somebody is working way too hard.

Most of my friends in grad school were like this guy. They’d spend every minute either working or complaining about how hard they work. They never had any time to do things with me on weekends. I was lucky if some of them had time to leave the office to get dinner with me.

As for me… I worked about seven hours a day, five days a week (aside from right before the occasional deadline). And I published more papers and graduated faster than nearly everybody else.

They all claim it’s because I’m different, and I’m a genius, etc., etc. I’m not. It’s because I’m lazy, which motivates me to be efficient. Plus, it’s mentally impossible for me to work more than seven hours a day. Anything more, except in short bursts, is counterproductive. I’m better off sleeping and starting again tomorrow.

I expect it’s the same with them, but they refuse to admit it. Hence why they spend so many hours working and accomplish so little.  (And so many “working” hours browsing Reddit, chatting in the hallway, etc.)


Anyway… this guy is supposed to be a supergenius but he really sucks at his job. How can he be an effective leader if he’s incapable of developing relationships with his coworkers?


I’m continuing to ship these two. I think it’s hinting towards becoming canon too…


Also, I suspect pilot girl is the boss’ imouto.

P.S. Now I have a real job and have to work eight hours a day, it sucks. 

2 thoughts on “Classroom Crisis 05 — All Work and No Play

  1. pilot girl could be a childhood friend, or something like a fiancee, ive had enough with the imouto troupe,it;s frankly disgusting.

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