Classroom Crisis 08 – 09 — Nerds and Politics


The one thing a class full of super-geniuses can’t figure out… politics.

Go read this excellent article. It pretty much sums up how the kids in Classroom Crisis, as well as many of my friends, feel about politics.

But… that’s also how the creators of Classroom Crisis feel about politics. In this world, both parties really are the same. The politicians switch parties like it’s no big deal. (To be fair, some American politicians indeed do this, such as this scumbag. Who coincidentally is leading a movement to perpetuate the myths in that article such that people like him who are “moderate” with no political agenda other than continued corporate hegemony can continue to be elected).


In Classroom Crisis, the union and the corporation are just two sides of the same coin. Neither actually cares for the workers. There is no political hope and no possibility for a better future. So politics doesn’t matter and the children should continue to live as corporate drones. You can see the bright future the creators of Classroom Crisis have in store, where corporations are freed from unreasonable labor laws like a prohibition on child labor, and actually run their own schools free from government interference where they can educate their future workers. Sounds like a great world to live in! But politics has nothing to do with it, all politicians are the same and it doesn’t matter at all. Unlike my own work which is revolutionizing the world by building an amazing new cell phone app.



Anyway… great advice by the teacher, as usual.

3 thoughts on “Classroom Crisis 08 – 09 — Nerds and Politics

  1. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what a lot of people feels about politics. There’s a reason why super heroes films are so popular these day. It’s all about awesome guys defying government, do “the right thing” and save everyone. Hell, in a lot of Hollywood movies, government are incompetent or downright evil. It’s hilarious that those film talk about how great democracy are, and we got to protect it, while all the important works are done by unelected heroes. They don’t seem to have a milligram of trust in elected politicans.

    This kind of thinking is dangerous. Politicans still hold a lot of power and people think that we can ignore them while they fuck with you. It’s not like corporation are saint either. They are willing to crush worker if it bring profit. Come to a third work country( where I live), you’ll see how important stable and clean government rule actually are.

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