Concrete Revolutio — First Impressions


Well, that was amazing.


It’s absolutely gorgeous. And I barely have any idea what’s going on, which is a huge plus in my book. It kind of reminds me of an even better version of Kekkai Sensen.

10 thoughts on “Concrete Revolutio — First Impressions

  1. > barely have any idea what’s going on

    I dunno why people don’t like this, I think it’s awesome when that happens in a fun way—like it did here.

  2. Hoping this will turn out well. Reminds me of how colorful and confusing Rolling Girls started out. Just need to keep the momentum and not nosedive in the middle of the series.

  3. It certainly was good, but not as good as Kekkai Sensen 🙂

    However, this will clearly be the underdog anime of the season, since junk like Comet Lucifer and Heavy Object are what is supposed to be popular, and this doesn’t look anything like them.

      1. Here’s hoping. So far people seem pretty underwhelmed by Concrete Revolutio (but to be fair they’re also underwhelmed by the others).

        1. Well, some people I know think there haven’t been any anime worth watching in the last year. I wouldn’t worry about it much.

  4. Agreed, I really feel like the messy badly put together factor actually made the episode more fun for me with all the stuff happening. Really hoping it will remains this busy while somehow finding a focus.

    Kinda surprised that so many ppl found the episode boring…

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