D. Gray-man Hallow — First Impressions


Exorcists fight demons.


Well, it’s been eight years since the original finished airing, so I’ve forgotten most of what was going on aside from how cute Lenalee is. I vaguely remember Allen, the book guys, Cross, the Earl, and the girl with the barrier, but the people within the Order and that clown guy I don’t remember at all.

Despite needing a refresher, it was a pretty good episode. I always had a soft spot for this show since it was one of the first shounen fighting shows I watched, and also because of all the silly pseudo-religious mumbo jumbo.

One thing that stuck out for me though— wow, all the characters seem like little kids. I remember the girl with the barrier is supposed to be a mature adult— but she seems like a little kid too! Fuck I’m old now…

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