Dance with Devils — First Impressions


Holy crap that was amazing. I didn’t see it coming.



It’s also hilariously campy, as it should be.

I also like the fact that the main girl isn’t a total pushover like they tend to be, she has balls of steel.

The main conflict seems to be that STUDENTS ARE DEVIL WORSHIPERS. (Since the entire student council appears to be devils, I’m fairly confident they all are.) It can obviously only get better from there.

The best part was the intro, where they had some sort of devil worship chant going, which was interrupted by some pretty good English narration. Some of the best English I’ve ever seen in anime.

Hopefully they’ll stick with the ridiculousness and keep it up with the great music and singing.

I think this was actually my favorite premiere of the new season so far. (perhaps excepting Gundam)

8 thoughts on “Dance with Devils — First Impressions

  1. You a musical lover, Draggle?

    This intrigues me. The only musical series I can recall was Galavant, last year, and I can’t recall any anime musical at all. I’ve seen some excerpts of the Bleach theatrical musical which was hilariously bad, and recently I’ve found out there are some excellent songs from a Death Note musical out there. Will check this out.

    1. Who isn’t a musical lover?! There was one episode of Ixion Saga *I think?) that was a musical (interestingly by the same music guy as this show!). Also Space Dandy musical was great.

  2. The more their sing the more will I be able to tolerate that this is a shoujo show. My soul is literally torn on this show.

  3. Picking it up on your say so. It’s behind all my backlog so I’ll probably watch the first episode in December or something silly like that.

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