Dog Days 02

Ok, this show is officially awesome. This is what a fighting show should be like. None of that preachy touchy-feely stuff or people getting hurt. Just hundred kill combos, humongous explosions, and combo attacks from thousands of feet in the air. That’s the kind of fighting show I can get behind.

The characters are great as well. This episode focused on Eclair and the other princess King as they join the battle. Eclair and Shinku have some great chemistry— even though they fight with each other they’re really two birds of the same feather. Shinku’s obliviousness made for a great effect in the scene where he groped Eclair, and a twist on the usual “falling on top of each other” cliche which I’m still laughing about. Shinku and the princess also go together well with their obliviousness, such as in the last segment where they both realize Shinku can’t go home.

I often don’t like fanservice because it serves to substitute for actual humor or plot, but Dog Days has been able to use it to great effect in furtherance of its jokes. In particular Eclair’s falls, the King’s armor and Eclair’s loss of clothes were all hilarious. When the fanservice is as funny as this I really can’t complain.

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  1. Glad to see a fellow enthusiast who appreciates what Dog days has to offer. Sadly, people seem to drop this after the first episode.

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