Dog Days 11 — Angry / Blushing Eclair = Win

The end of the demon sword was anti-climatic even by this show’s standards. It separates from the host like it’s going to be the final final boss form, causes an earthquake, and is put down in short order like it was nothing. Generally your latter forms should be stronger than your initial forms. Learn this well, demon swords.

In general, this episode had way too much talking and very little going on. The two minute “date” with Shinku and Eclair was probably the highlight. And it seems like there’s a problem with Shinku going home. All the touchy-feely stuff between Leo-sama and the princess is more or less a waste of time. Even more so for the crappy J-Pop concert and montage. And all the characters need to stop being so polite! I feel like so much time is wasted just with people saying “excuse me, I’m off!” and “hello”. Same thing with Leo’s apology: you don’t have to make half the show about people apologizing and exchanging pleasantries.

Anyway, have some more Eclair. She’s pretty much the only thing I’m still enjoying about this show.

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