Dog Days 13 — Long Goodbyes

"I'm taking this back now."
"It's not you, it's me."
"Now is my chance!"

These past two episodes felt like a complete waste of time. How long do you need to draw out saying goodbye, Seven Arcs? I think the entire thing could have been done better in five minutes. The past two episodes haven’t been funny at all. Or interesting, or sad (which I assume is what they were going for?) for that matter. It’s just been pure tedium. Not to mention that they just decided to make all the tearful farewells pointless by letting Shinku come back after all after having meticulously fulfilled the requirements of some unknown ritual.

When Shinku comes back to Earth, he meets up with Becky and his rival in the ninja game show. They play with each other. What was the point of keeping his rival’s face hidden for the entire show? I kept expecting her to appear in Galette as their hero. Instead, they did absolutely nothing with her. She was one of many useless characters.

We also get the princess end, although Eclair makes a strong showing as well. Eclair is too good for Shinku anyways. Idiots go well with idiots. Anyways, have some more Eclair pictures. She’s pretty much the only reason I got through this show.

One thought on “Dog Days 13 — Long Goodbyes

  1. The end to another forgettable series. I will admit that I did enjoy it somewhat, but nothing I would seriously recommend. Hate how they tried to draw this out, but nothing I can be particular sore about either.

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