Dog Days — First Impression

Shinku, a Parkour master and middle school student from Japan, is summoned to a fantasy world to be a hero in a war between cats and dogs. The dogs are about to lose their castle, and if they do, the people will be……  *wait for it*…… *wait for it*…… disappointed. To prevent this tragic fate, Shinku decides to embrace his role as hero and fight in the war, which is fought as a “be a ninja”-style gameshow with obstacle courses.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I actually liked this episode. This show is just so unbelievably stupid that it might actually work. With the high stakes war, side-scroller Chocobo races, and ridiculous battles I couldn’t help but laugh. It also helps that our “hero” has no doubts or hesitation whatsoever, which is refreshing. It’s an open question whether I’ll still find this funny in a few episodes, but at the very least we shouldn’t have to worry about the show entering srs bsns mode due to how stupid it is.

This probably isn’t for everyone though: you have to have a certain “stupid” sense of humor to enjoy it, which I (unfortunately?) do.

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