DRAMAtical Murder — First Impressions


Bipolar bishies fight in gang wars and play video games.


I think it introduced everything a bit too fast. For some reason they felt the need to introduce every single character of a rather large cast in this single episode. The effect is that the episode comes across as rather confusing, and we don’t much about any of the characters. I doubt I’ll remember much of anything about them the next time they show up.

On the bright side, the setting was unique enough to perk my interest. I’ll watch the next episode at the very least. Still, bishie shows are generally not my type so I doubt I’ll like it that much.

1 thought on “DRAMAtical Murder — First Impressions

  1. I guess you could call it a “bishie show” but like, just a forewarning in case you didn’t know, this anime is based on an adult yaoi game. I’m guessing the reason a lot of the characters were introduced so fast is because this show is essentially fanservice – they’re assuming the majority of the audience know the cast already.

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