Drifters — First Impressions


Famous warriors are saved from death and brought to another world.


This totally reminds me of Hellsing Ultimate. Very similar style, with all the blood and gore, and the strangely placed humor (which sadly isn’t very funny). Plus the characters and art style just look very similar.

Basically great first episode.

4 thoughts on “Drifters — First Impressions

  1. Same mangaka as Hellsing Ultimate, so of course his style is very prominent. Premise is pretty amazing and the humour doesn’t bother me all that much – though of course the awesomeness is the main reason to watch this.

    1. Ooh, I don’t do any research, so I had no idea this was by the same guy. Not at all surprised though. Really looking forward to watching the rest.

  2. Loved the first Episode. Don’t understand why some people are having a problem with the animation. I can understand the dislike in the comedy though.

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