Endride — First Impressions


This anime is shit. Just look at that guy’s face. You can tell the whole show is going to be shit from that one screenshot. He has less personality than my toaster. The only thing he has going for him is that he likes shiny objects for some reason. But even that seems fake.

The other character has the exact same personality (i.e., none) except he’s a tragic prince from another world and wants to kill his dad. Well, his adopted dad who kills his real dad. Like that makes a difference. The other main character also has daddy issues, apparently. Another sign an anime is going to be shit: when the most interesting part of the show is somebody’s daddy issues.

The rest of it is stupid too. It’s like Guilty Crown except not as good, with people pulling magical weapons out of the voids in their hearts. Guilty Crown had a refrigerator, Endride has paper clips. Whatever. I wish this show’s characters had a tenth of the personality of Ouma Shuu. At least Ouma Shuu made me want to punch him in the face, even if he had no consistency whatsoever. These guys just make me want to fall asleep.

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