Flying Witch — First Impressions


There is a witch. She flies.

Pretty good start. Not sure if I’ll stick with it to the end— I was right on the verge of being bored. But it had just enough conflict and activity to keep me watching until the end.


The main character is a total ditz. There’s no way witches would have been kept secret if all the witches were like her…

Also I liked how the two girls were talking about how the cousin was such a jerk because he had to go and hang out with his friends. How dare he…

2 thoughts on “Flying Witch — First Impressions

  1. “Here, let me offer you this Eldritch abomimation still screaming in horror at the prospect of its imminent death as a gift of good will.”

  2. Ehh, about the cousin going to hang out with his friends, I did think “jerk” was extreme, but agreed that it wasn’t the most considerate of him to drop her on her first school day with his friend she had only just met.

    Definitely loving the vibe of this show so far.

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