Fractale 07

Fractale still has way too many “Clain is a pervert” jokes. Who thought it would be a good idea to make this the only joke in the entire show? It was painful enough to watch the first time. This show has the perfect setup for a fun adventure story – a fantastic setting, larger than life characters and a sense of childish wonder, but the “Clain is a pervert” jokes completely ruin this momentum.

Also, way too many things in this episode just came out of nowhere. I didn’t even know that the world of Fractale had cities – my impression was that most people were mobile and lived in mobile homes. And hear we find ourselves in a city. They could have at least mentioned that cities existed earlier… It’s the same thing with the villain of the week. He somehow went from being a peaceful, enlightened shepherd to a rapist and drug-dealer from out of absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t even surprising, either- we hadn’t even seen the shepherd enough to remember what he looked like. It was just completely random. The setting of Fractale is interesting, but not really consistent – the places they visit in the different episodes just seem so different from each other.

This is where I should pretend to be concerned and wonder what will happen in regards to Clain’s apparent death, but honestly, the show would be better off without him. I know we won’t be so lucky though. It would be kind of cool if he dies and is resurrected as a dopple, but this would give the creators unlimited fodder for “pervert” jokes by walking through walls, hacking cameras, etc.

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