Fractale 11

A bit rushed and a tad over-dramatic for my tastes, but at least everything was resolved. First of all, Phrynne’s father: I could just never take him seriously. He looks like a complete idiot and is totally incompetent. Taunting Clain as a “clueless adventure boy” through the window does not exactly make a formidable or even respectable antagonist. Phrynne’s response to his taunts was nice though. I liked how understated her stabbing was, with no build-up or warning whatsoever. Just one minute he’s discussing raping her and the next he’s half-dead on the floor. The amount of time it took for Clain and Nessa to react was a nice touch as well. But maybe this is just my “why hasn’t he die already?” inner voice speaking.

I mostly liked the lover’s suicide that the creators decided to do with Dias and the head priestess as well. When Dias first appeared, my immediate thought was “second-stage final boss.” It’s nice to be surprised  and have a villain like Dias who believes and does exactly what he says. Generally the kinds of things like sincerity and conviction are reserved for the good guys (or the unwilling bad guys / bad guys who switch sides). But still, it was rushed and the priestess’s reactions didn’t make much sense.

Now on to the bad side: nothing in the ending was really a surprise. We already knew about Phrynne and Nessa’s relationship. Nessa is 16 and is named after a teddy bear, but this doesn’t really change anything, aside from making the lolicon ending more socially acceptable. Nothing new was revealed, and they should have saved a few things for the final episode.

Then there’s Sunda’s death: it was completely pointless. Dias’ death was pointless as well, but at least it accomplished something useful by clearing the room. Why, a year later, do they show Enri reminiscing about Clain, the “true pervert”, and not about Sunda? And the epilogue used the one-year coma plot device, which I really hate. What is the point of making the character fall into a coma for ten seconds of viewing time? Am I supposed to be surprised and touched when she wakes up or something?

Nice explosion.

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