Gatchaman Crowds — First Impressions


Wow, this was great. My favorite premiere of the season. I love the kind of show where it seems like the creators were really high.


It’s bright, colorful and pretty, with a superb soundtrack. And it’s totally bonkers. Gives off some strong Penguindrum vibes except without any of the seriousness. Highly likely I’ll be blogging this. Assuming I ever get around to blogging anything in the next month…

11 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds — First Impressions

  1. Here’s hoping you can stand the MC longer than I could. Episode two came around and I couldn’t take her anymore. Good luck!

  2. Seriously, you think about blogging this? It is a total kids show. The MC is super annoying and way too busty for her age (at least in my opinion). And why is the other girl walking around in a bikini all the time?
    Admittedly it kinda looks cool, though. If you blog it I might keep watching. But there are way too many other good series this season!

    1. Usually kids shows don’t have girls walking around in bikinis and overly busty leads. They also don’t usually go full social commentary either.

    2. I’m not sure you could call it a kid’s show. The 2 AM timeslot is a little late for kids, don’t you think? I personally think it’s pretty damn stylish.

    1. Agreed, she’s great! Although possibly clueless, I’m not sure. I don’t understand why everybody hates her.

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