Genshiken Nidaime — First Impressions


More Genshiken is the best thing I could ever wish for. But this show is the worst thing ever because they skipped all the good Ogiue and Sasahara moments. WHY?!!!


Aside from that we’re off to a great start. The club is back, just as I remembered, although with different voices. The new voices were a bit of a shock at first but I got used to them by the end of the episode. I’m still not entirely sold on Kikuchi’s though.

11 thoughts on “Genshiken Nidaime — First Impressions

    1. I would recommend seeing the previous seasons. Actually, I would recommend reading the manga as well, since the anime skips some of the best parts. You could get away with just watching the anime, but the manga is great so I would read it regardless. 🙂

  1. Have you noticed that in the opening song Sue is cosplaying as Frau from robotics;notes? And there’s a magazine with Rin from Free! on the cover in episode 3 XD
    I love the little touches and references Production IG added.

    1. Yep, tons of reference. The manga also had a bunch of references to current anime, so they’re following the author’s lead there.

  2. I’m somewhat disappointed. This is the famous Genshiken, one of the best anime of all times? I haven’t watched season 1 or read the manga but ep.1 was just annoying for me. Is it supposed to be funny? The only good thing imo were the few Bakemonogatari references of that blonde girl.

    1. I think you might appreciate it better if you’ve seen the first two seasons. There’s a lot you’ll miss without being familiar with the characters. It has its funny moments but it’s not entirely a comedy. It’s more about watching the characters relationships and growth.

      1. Ok, I’ll save this for later once I’ve found time to watch the earlier seasons. I’m not impressed, though. But thanks for the advice!

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