Girlish Number — First Impressions


A young voice actor gets owned over and over again and laughs at everybody else behind their backs.

I loved this first episode so much. Apparently this is by the author of Oregairu and it shows, all the characters are  either stupid or assholes or both.


Love the main character in particular, she’s so much better than all these ganbarimasuing main characters who just want to make friends with everybody! She’s just like me. Well in terms of being an asshole. I’m not quite that stupid, I like to imagine.

This is absolutely brutal. Makes Shirobako look so cheerful and optimistic by comparison. Absolutely loved the first episode.

4 thoughts on “Girlish Number — First Impressions

  1. hmmm…probably not for me though. If I wanted to see that kinda stuff, I would go to work where there’s never a shortage of that and get paid for putting up with it.

  2. Seems pretty cute: I wouldn’t mind giving it a go. By the way Draggle, can I ask how these short first impression posts work for you in comparison to something longer, like a top 5 list?

    -Andres Arenas, from

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