Gunjou no Magmel — First Impressions

The magical continent is filled with danger and this little kid is super powerful.

I guess that this is intended for children. I probably sound like an old geezer now, but I think this is a really terrible thing to be producing for children. Some lessons we learned from this episode:

  • Violence is cool. Beating people up is cool, if they do bad things.
  • The sick and disabled are props to make heroes look cool.
  • You should only do good deeds if properly compensated.
  • It’s ok to knowingly lead people into terrible situations as long as you clean things up afterwards.
  • Some ridiculous black and white differentiation between good and evil.
  • Girls play the supporting roles to boys.

I also really hated how they introduced the main character. The whole time he’s bullying this sick little kid who’s dying of cancer or whatever and his parents and brother are missing. We’re supposed to think he’s cool because he’s so powerful and used to all these evil things, and he doesn’t prepare the other kid properly or take appropriate responsibility when bringing him to a dangerous place. “Oooh, he’s so strong!!! Wow, he has so much real world experience!!!” is what I assume we’re supposed to think. But no, how about fuck him. He seems like a narcissistic little shit to me.

(Yeah, not watching this.)

3 thoughts on “Gunjou no Magmel — First Impressions

  1. I mean, I agree, and I disagree with you. First of all, if a dude kills his own little brother who is worried about him while dying of cancer, it’s probably ok to beat him up. I agree, Inyou could’ve handled the situation as a whole a little better. Also, I don’t think this show is intended for kids, just because it has less cussing and less gore, and I think a lot more should go into whether or not a kid can watch it.

  2. If the difference between good and evil in this show was so black and white, then Inyou would be perfect, and wouldn’t have all the problems as a character that you just mentioned.

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