Hakyuu Houshin Engi — First Impressions

Blah blah blah boom boom boom.

This was really bad. In its defense, I’m a couple decades past its intended audience.

It consists of lots of exposition followed by what I assume will be endless battles filled with endless exposition. This is what I assume Dragon Ball is like, although I’ve never seen Dragon Ball.

I will say, however, the background art is amazing?! Like, wow. Too bad its ruined by the crappy 90’s character designs and, like, everything else.

One thought on “Hakyuu Houshin Engi — First Impressions

  1. Dragon Ball does not have much exposition TBF. Early on, not even much drawn-out battles, at least in the manga – the anime sadly had to slow down things and you know how that ends up. Still, I don’t think any single fight lasted more than two-three episodes until quite late in the show. It was DBZ that introduced the format of “one long battle against a single super-boss enemy takes half of the arc”, which led to stuff like the Goku vs. Freezer battle which is still counted as the longest in anime history that I know of.

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