Hakyuu Houshin Engi — First Impressions

Blah blah blah boom boom boom.

This was really bad. In its defense, I’m a couple decades past its intended audience.

It consists of lots of exposition followed by what I assume will be endless battles filled with endless exposition. This is what I assume Dragon Ball is like, although I’ve never seen Dragon Ball.

I will say, however, the background art is amazing?! Like, wow. Too bad its ruined by the crappy 90’s character designs and, like, everything else.

5 thoughts on “Hakyuu Houshin Engi — First Impressions

  1. Dragon Ball does not have much exposition TBF. Early on, not even much drawn-out battles, at least in the manga – the anime sadly had to slow down things and you know how that ends up. Still, I don’t think any single fight lasted more than two-three episodes until quite late in the show. It was DBZ that introduced the format of “one long battle against a single super-boss enemy takes half of the arc”, which led to stuff like the Goku vs. Freezer battle which is still counted as the longest in anime history that I know of.

    1. Never seen Dragon Ball, but criticizes it nonetheless in an article about another show… wow, just wow. Great job. On the other hand you’re correct in saying that this adaptation is really bad, so was the 90’s one. Hoshin Engi is a great manga with crappy anime adaptations, is just jinxed, but be mindful of what you write if you’re not familiar with the work, and that goes for both Dragon Ball and Hoshin Engi.

    2. Interesting. I’ve never actually watched any Dragon Ball, everything I know about it is derived from hearing other people complain lol.

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