Hanasaku Iroha 21 — The Bitch is Back

The old Minko returns.

There was a lot going on in this episode: Enishi and Takashi decide to get married, the inn prepares to host their wedding, and Minko throws a fit.  The part about the wedding was good, except for the couple acting all love-dovey. I didn’t think these two could possibly get more annoying, but I’ve been proven wrong. I especially liked that we got to see a bit more of the grandmother’s past.

Minko’s trip to the beach with Tohru was entertaining, where he reveals he wants five kids. Minko isn’t so sure about that plan. She wants to have his children, of course, but five seems a bit too many. Tohru realizes that Minko is upset about something, and thinks it is about the difficulties of becoming a chef. Man this guy is dense. Minko gives a near-confession, and then Tohru starts talking about how great Ohana is. Minko gets jealous and returns to her old ways of calling Ohana names and attacking her in the bath.

So… I guess this is a step towards more drama? Another fight with Minko is not exactly what I had in mind though. In the earlier episodes, it added a lot because we didn’t actually know Minko yet, and Ohana was having all these other difficulties moving to the inn. But now, it just really doesn’t raise the tension for me. How are we supposed to take this fight seriously? We all know that Ohana has no interest in Tohru, that Minko likely has no chance with Tohru, and that Minko throws fits like this all the time. They’ll reconcile in a day or two. The funny thing is, Ohana seems to just be rolling her eyes at Minko’s routine as well. She doesn’t even bother chasing after Minko after being assaulted in the bath. When Minko shuns her at lunch time, Ohana just goes to eat with Yuina and Nako. Now that Ohana actually has some friends, Minko’s fits are less effective. In fact it’s probably backfiring, as Minko is the one without any friends now.

The ending of the episode, where it’s revealed that Enishi won’t be inheriting the inn, seems to be the lead in to the show’s conclusion. I’m guessing that either Ohana or her mother will become the heir, or the grandmother is planning to shut the inn down. The latter option seems more likely, since then there will be some final battle: Ohana and friends must save the inn from closure. I do hope they resolve Ohana’s love life though. Or realistically, just have Ohana do anything other than smile and look cute. It’s been how many episodes now since anything happened involving her?

4 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha 21 — The Bitch is Back

  1. I think it’s been about 20 episodes since anything has happened to Ohana. I liked it when Tohru was like, “let’s go do it [this in Minko’s mind] in that hotel,” and she was only slightly taken aback. That had afternoon delight written all over it.

    1. That was an excellent scene. I thought they were going to go try out the food in the hotel rather than go to the beach though. 🙂

  2. Not sure what the directors are trying to cause her with the whole Tohru-Minko-Ohana trianlge relation, but I can say it will not far well. It just does not seem doable to me for a lot of reasons, one being the age (even for fictional characters) and the next being it would just seemed to mess up the story anyway. I just can not conceive it plain and simple.

    As for Sui, I could kind of see her not wanting to hand down the Inn, but the wedding ring was, since that would seem to be important to a woman. Although guess it would do no good for her to hold onto it in her old age. The Inn will proabably go to Ohana or she might be thinking of abandoning it (she did make a joke about it earlier, but mostly like Ohana might take over).

    1. Yeah… Minko has no chance, and even if she did succeed I would find that even more problematic. Handing down the ring was a good idea which will probably pacify Takako even if she does not inherit the inn.

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