Hanzawa Naoki and How You Should Watch It Even Though It’s an Asian Drama and Asian Dramas Suck


Normally I don’t watch dramas. All the ones I’d seen parts of before were crap. But the other week a friend of mine suggested I give this show called “Hanzawa Naoki” a try. It was only ten episodes, so I figured why not. In the worst case, I could later elucidate her on why she has shit taste.

Anyway, the lesson is, if all your friends jump off a bridge, you’d better hurry up and join them. Hanzawa Naoki is AMAZING.

The premise is basically Lelouch Lamperouge becomes a banker. The bank murdered Hanzawa’s father and he wants payback. DOUBLE PAYBACK. He goes through all these crazy schemes to outwit his enemies and bring them DOUBLE PAYBACK.

The acting is superb, especially from the main character. His speeches are intense. I cannot fully articulate how awesome it is when he says he’s going to get DOUBLE PAYBACK.


It also gives a tantalizing glimpse of an alien culture. Coming from the perspective of an American, I cannot believe that these Japanese bankers put up with so much shit. If I were them I would try to get shipped out the first chance I had.

The show is especially relevant now given the recent financial crisis. It has confirmed my presupposition that all bankers are scumbags. Can’t believe an insurance company sponsored it.

My only minor squibble is that Hanzawa’s wife pisses me off. This is hardly even worth mentioning though.

Go watch Hanzawa Naoki. If this were an anime I’d rate it an A.

12 thoughts on “Hanzawa Naoki and How You Should Watch It Even Though It’s an Asian Drama and Asian Dramas Suck

  1. “The premise is basically Lelouch Lamperouge becomes a banker.”

    Just this one line would’ve convinced me! I’m super excited now to watch DOUBLE PAYBACK.

  2. Haha, glad you liked Hanzawa Naoki- it’s definitely one of the better J-dramas to come out in the last five years.
    If Naoki’s whet your appetite for revenge dramas, I’d also recommend Maou (2008).

    1. I watched Maou too after I’d seen other people recommending it. Didn’t like it, sadly. Although I did watch and enjoy Legal High, which is a comedy but has the same main actor. He’s great!

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