Happy Birthday to Me! Year Four!

I’m getting old.

Boring Statistics

Three Years Ago:

  • 43,500 Visitors
  • ~350 Visitors per Day (at end of year)
  • ~60 RSS Subscribers
  • 437 Posts
    • 262 Episodic Posts
    • 61 First Impressions
    • 78 Reviews

Two Years Ago:

  • 210,000 Visitors
  • ~700 Visitors per Day (at end of year)
  • 456 Posts
    • 241 Episodic Posts
    • 95 First Impressions
    • 60 Reviews

Last Year:

  • 260,000 Visitors
  • ~1000 Visitors per day at beginning of year, 500 at end
  • 390 Posts
    • 154 Episodic Posts
    • 102 First Impressions
    • 80 Reviews

This Year:

  • 240,000 Visitors
  • ~650 Visitors per day (double after I do an SAO post)
  • 394 Posts
    • 136 Episodic Posts
    • 131 First Impressions
    • 77 Reviews

Interestingly, we’ve been holding pretty steady on the number of visitors but the number of comments has declined drastically. I suspect this may be because people have started just tweeting at me (probably because I take forever to respond to comments… sorry.)

Fun Statistics

Top Google Searches Excluding Ones with My Name (120,000 Total):

  1. 98,658 (not provided) – arggh, google!
  2. 582       sword art online hentai
  3. 435       sao hentai
  4. 228       sinon hentai
  5. 194       sword art online yui hentai
  6. 118        sao yui hentai
  7. 113        hentai sao
  8. 102        anime blog
  9. 101        sword art online hentai video
  10. 91          hentai sword art online
  11. 77          anime ass
  12. 71          yui sao hentai
  13. 67         sao 2 hentai
  14. 66         ggo hentai
  15. 66         sao yaoi

Truly I am an upstanding member of the anime community. 28% of all incoming searches included the word “hentai”.

Funny Google Searches:

  • “akb0048” shallow — whaaaat
  • 13 year old girls in panties — … ok that’s not really funny
  • 7 year old anime girls in underwear — and I thought the last guy was sick
  • hentai little girl being choked to death — what is with you people
  • is mushishi the second season of mushibugyo? — No, unfortunately. I wish. Would be waaaay better if it were.
  • what episode did ange get anal rape? — What episode didn’t ange get anal rape?!
  • why did asuna pull kirito into bed? — Babies actually aren’t delivered by storks…
  • besides eating dolphin what other foods would americans never eat
  • what episode of queen’s blade has sex — every episode
  • kirito why are you so strong
  • why did kirito grab sinons tail
  • how to make any horse horny.

Thank You Everyone!

Thanks to all my readers, commenters, and twitter friends for making it another great year! Special thanks to all the people I met in real life, including Charles, Di-Dorval, Justin, n4gaiyume, Nick, Seth, otou-san, ReisengRath, Slashe, and Seth. Thanks to Marina and Kwoo for letting me stay at their house. Thanks to the fine people of Classy for always keeping me entertained.

Next year’s going to be even better!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me! Year Four!

  1. Yeah, I’d imagine a lot of aniblogs have taken hits in the past year and a half because of twitter. I only found it this year and I think it’s a pretty cool blog though!

    Also with those google results, it’s only a matter of time before the SAO guy finds out you exist.

    1. Oh really?! Wow, I thought I knew you longer.

      Yeah hopefully he’ll have the humility to admit that my fanfiction is better.

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