Hidan no Aria 10 — Repeat After Me

I will not reflexively hide and peek on girls changing. I will not reflexively hide and peek on girls changing.

This episode was mostly the usual fanservice, but it came across as uninspired even by Hidan no Aria’s standards. The main problem with this episode though isn’t the fanservice: it’s a complete lack of logical coherence and focus.

They’re going to infiltrate Vlad’s house? Ok, sure, waste time having Aria dress up as a maid and look embarrassed calling Kinji master, I’d be more surprised if they didn’t at this point. Riko tells them that they are recovering her dead mother’s heirloom, and everyone is sad. Everyone knows that cute girls only do bad things because of their tragic pasts.

Then Kinji runs into Jeanne D’Arc playing piano. It turns out she made a deal with the judge to become a student- no explanation needed, cute girls always join the good guys eventually. This short conversation had some extremely awkward voice acting. Jeanne, harem glasses girl with poor drawing skills, GET-O.

Next, Riko tells Kinji to meet her in a medical room. He hears people coming, and instead of going to greet them, he hides in the nearest locker. Why he would do this is completely beyond human understanding. And why Riko expects him to do this is even more incomprehensible. But it turns out his perverted friend is hiding in the locker as well. Then we confirm that Kinji is a lolicon, the male teacher enters, and Reki discovers Kinji hiding in the locker.

Up until this point, the episode was stupid but at least made some vague sort of sense. I guess. But now, a giant rabid wolf jumps through the window and attacks the changing girls. It runs away after Kinji tries to tackle it, and he and Reki chase it on the perverted friend’s motorcycle which was hiding in the bushes for a getaway.

Now Kinji starts to feel sorry for the rabid wolf, and worries that Reki will kill it because she’s “heartless”. He’s more worried about the wolf than he was about Aria, Riko, Shirayuki and Jeanne D’Arc combined. * The producers of Hidan no Aria proudly support animal rights. * Kinji must have only been worried because the wolf wasn’t wearing body armor.

Reki shoots the wolf and temporarily paralyzes it. * Warning: do not try this at home. * She then tames it and makes it her pet. That was her plan all along. Its old master was mean to it. Now it is cute and shakes hands. Ok. I am truly shocked by this development.

We have forgotten all about recovering Riko’s heirloom, but we have a new pet wolf. The episode ends with Aria beating up Kinji once again. I guess as random as this episode was, it still beats having to spend more time listening to Aria talk.

3 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria 10 — Repeat After Me

  1. If Riko aim at the wolf center mass from above it would have penetrated the hip and out the other side. The only way the shot would graze the back is if she shot it from behind and the wolf’s jump reaching max elevation and about to fall due to gravity(hang time).

  2. 54R 7n16 is no 338 lapua 416 barret or 408 cheytec , its accuracy on a moving target is average at best

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