Houseki no Kuni — First Impressions

Cute gemstones are andryogynous humans who fight invading moon Buddhas.

The manga is one of my favorites, and this episode was even better than I expected. Perfectly captures the atmosphere of the manga, although I kind of think it’s better in black and white. The TV adaptation does have the advantage that I can actually tell the characters apart due to the different hair colors. Great music, great animation. Great CG even.

The facial expressions are amazing. Excellent voice acting as well. Sensei is absolutely perfect. Phos and Cinnabar are great as well. For the others, I wish at least some of them sounded a bit less feminine. Now it sounds like they’re all girls.

And it perfectly captures the transitions from carefree happy moments to vomiting up poison and having arms chopped off.

This is only going to get better. It was the show I was looking forward to most (actually, the only show I was looking forward to) and it was even better than I thought it would be. So excited to have everyone else watching this.

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