Hunter x Hunter — First Impression

This is a remake of an older series, and I haven’t watched the original. So I’m looking at it from a fresh perspective. Normally I wouldn’t bother watching this kind of shounen show, but Mira claimed it was awesome so I decided to give it a try.

And it was actually pretty good. The biggest reason I can’t stand shounen fighting shows like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece is that the pacing is so slow. It’ll take multiple episodes to get through a single fight. And I’m already bored of the battle after the first five minutes. This episode stayed well clear of that problem: if anything, the pacing was too fast. This episode was filled with action and didn’t leave you time to catch your breath.

The characters seemed interesting enough, the animation and music were nicely done, and it managed to keep my attention. Generally this kind of show will lose my interest as it goes on, descending into long battles, adding more and more characters, and generating louder screams and newer powers. But for now, I’ll stick with Hunter x Hunter.

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10 thoughts on “Hunter x Hunter — First Impression

  1. Woo I’m glad you gave it a shot! I hope it keeps you interested. The fights in this series don’t drag on for too long and it’s not always a one-on-one battle, so a few of them are based on mind games instead. It’s definitely much better than Naruto or Bleach. It’ll take a few episodes but hopefully this adaptation will do just as well as the original.

    1. Yep, thanks for cuing me onto it. Mind games are much better than fights with lots of screaming and power ups.

  2. The pacing was great in early One Piece. It eventually ran out of steam, but it took a couple of years. Or maybe I’m biased because I like the characters.

    This is less loud than Naruto/One Piece (but, so far, also less funny). I like what I saw, though…looking forward to more!

    1. I got to episode twenty of One Piece and quit from sheer boredom. Shounen fighting shows are just not my thing.

      1. I got through about 80 episodes of Bleach and 150 of One Piece..

        Hopefully HxH has an actual ending and doesn’t go anymore than 50-70 episodes.

        I really like this so far. Good pacing, good visuals, great character interactions. Production values are better than the “Big 3”. The plot isn’t complex, but so what.

        1. Yeah, if it goes longer than 50 or 70 episodes I doubt I will follow it that long. If it keeps up the pace it’s at now I’d be able to watch it, but these kind of things usually slow down after they get started.a

  3. There are hardly any “fights” at all if you compare it to other shounens like Naruto or One Piece. Instead is is, as Mira said, mind games.

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