Jormungand Review— C+

A troupe of arms dealers led by a little girl blows shit up.

This is your gratuitous violence fix for the season. It’s a fun show that has badasses getting in ridiculous fights. There’s nothing wrong with that once in a while. I can definitely say I enjoyed the show.

With that said, many of the characters are just plain boring. Jonah, the child soldier who is more or less the main character, is emotionless. In a show where the entire charm is watching crazy people having fun killing each other, this is a problem.

Although both this, Hellsing and Black Lagoon all have a big focus on loads of violence, I can’t say Jormungand compares favorably to either Black Lagoon or Hellsing. The characters are just dull by comparison. What he said.

  • Storytelling – B – It’s more a sequence of gunfights than a story, but that’s cool too.
  • Voice – A – Quite a distinctive, wild style.
  • Characters – D – They don’t enjoy killing enough.
  • Attention Grab – B – Succeeds here through lots of action.
  • Production – C – Something is odd about the characters’ faces.
  • Overall – C+

Recommendations – Black Lagoon, Hellsing Ultimate

19 thoughts on “Jormungand Review— C+

  1. You have a rather strange point of view… Yeah is a violent anime, but it’s not supposed to be always about the shootings, the anime is trying to portrait people not just rambo killing machines (although they are). Moving on the character faces are drawn in an odd way, but it adds to the series, one fact that is missing is that animation is missing which is quite good(7 out of 10). About the characters if you watch the entire first season you may have seen some character development SPOILER:(Valmet finland story,koko recruiting, the wife of Lehm) The story in my opinion is based on SPOILER:(the dream of koko of a world peace) plus you haven’t watch all the characters history, cause the rest of their history is gonna be explained on season 2. Overall i would gave a B+ and in the future you could be a little more openminded about some series. Hope this helps

    1. Lemme help.

      My dear friend, you always delight me with your peculiar takes on Japanese animation. Verily, Jormungand is not for the faint of heart, but I dare say that there is more substance here than the mere cacophony of guns emptying their chambers! Indeed, Jormungand wants to peel back the multitude of onion layers and not simply prance the characters about as if they were some sort of true American hero (from a certain point of view, however, this is nevertheless true).

      I must now broach a different topic, which concerns the very nature of how the characters’ facades are rendered. Though perhaps quaint in your eyes, my mother has always told me that peculiarity adds character! This next sentence makes no sense. Take no heed of my drunken rambling.

      With regards to the characters, you must have learned much from your viewing experience (peruse this list of non-spoilerish items that I will warn you forthwith for I am a gentleman). If I may advance a conjecture, I do believe that the story is truly about… again, a gentleman must never watch and tell without proper protection: a most daring vision of love and unity! Now, let’s admit, we have not truly plumb the depths of each character’s soul, which was aptly withheld for a later date. After all, a great storyteller leaves his listeners hungering for more.

      My assessment? Enthusiastic praise will only do. Open your heart, chum, and let the Jormungand flow in. I pray that I have provided you with proper succor.

    2. They did try to develop Valmet at least, I had forgotten about that. It’s hard for me to take her character development seriously when her biggest feature is her enormous chest. I felt that aside from her and Lehm, the rest of the team never really fleshed out. They were just killing machines. Lehm was ok though.

      I’d actually forgotten about the second season. I was wondering why I hadn’t reviewed this earlier, and that must have been why: I was waiting for the second season. Oh well, too late now.

  2. There are so many things wrong wit the show, the bullet dodging with extreme ease, the failure to use basic tactics, the number of psychotic lesbians. The only saving grace is koko who’s pretty fun to watch.

  3. Yes, “ridiculous fights” is definitely how I would put it. I couldn’t even finish episode three when I saw Jonah running straight into a man with a rifle and he wasn’t even hurt. I dropped this show right then, since I couldn’t suspend my disbelief enough to keep watching.

    1. It’s definitely ridiculous. I didn’t have much trouble suspending my sense of disbelief though, sometimes I like to watch things that aren’t realistic at all.

  4. Maybe it’s due to another blog posting reviews telling me how deep the subtext was for each episode, but I really enjoyed this show. Each episode told me one new thing about at least one character, and I can’t recall being introduced to any character I didn’t like. Again, maybe my affection was bolstered by reading about what a masterpiece this show was week after week but even with the unrealistic fights my biggest complaint was the lack of any meaningful deaths. The last episode was really bad in that regard; it was a bit of an asspull to “kill” two characters in the same scene and then just rush them to a hospital in the next.

    But I for one am still looking forward to season two.

    1. Which blog was this, out of curiosity? It did introduce new things about a character each episode, but that isn’t enough for me to actually feel the character is a person. It’s more just how they act on a day to day basis, I think. And in Jormungand, that’s like a crazy gun nut.

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