Juushinki Pandora — First Impressions

A mad scientist must save the world with the power of mecha, love and his naked alter egos from parallel dimensions.

This was pretty good! But y’all know me, I’ll watch anything that has mecha in it.

The setting is interesting: it’s post apocalypse with this Chinese motif to it. The enemies are SUPER EVOLVING ROBOTIC LOBSTERS. We haven’t seen much of the characters yet. They don’t seem like the most exciting bunch but they’ll do. And the music kind of sucks, or more it just doesn’t fit the scene at all. They had some very calm and soothing orchestral tunes in the middle of this epic mecha vs. giant fused crab battle. It didn’t match.

It’s extremely chuuni, especially the main character. Nothing wrong with that.

So, I’m excited about it. But realistically speaking, probably not going to be the best mecha show ever made. Hopefully it will prove me wrong though!

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