Kill la Kill 09 — Gamagoori’s Gambit


Man, this show has some weird superpowers.  It looks like we’re probably in for fights for the next three episodes as well. But with fights like this, I don’t mind.


Gamagoori’s quite the interesting character. His defining characteristic is his resolve, particularly his dedication for following the rules.


And of course this same resolve becomes arrogance and becomes his undoing. I suspect the next three fights will be lost for similar reasons, albeit for different character flaws. Now what is Satsuki’s fault? Greed? Power? Pride?

I really don’t have much to say about this episode, aside from the fact that it was a great fight. I would like to point out the use of fanservice though. It’s very creative. For example, we get Ryuuko’s skirt flailing around whenever Gamagoori hits her with his bandages:


This skirt flapped up multiple times. Also, when Ryuuko falls off the stage and is dangling from her scissors upside-down, I liked how Mako got a nosebleed from staring at her. This is how you do fanservice without making it stale or repetitive.

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