Kiznavier — First Impressions


Six weird kids share their pain.

This was amazing. Is it just me or have I been saying that a lot this season?


First of all, fatnastic art. It looks gorgeous. And you can already tell from just the first episode that the characterization is very strong. They’re based off some stereotypes (i.e., childhood friend, flighty loli, musclehead) but not bound by those stereotypes.

I have no idea what the hell is going on which is also great. Not in the Concrete Revolutio sense where I’m just totally lost all the time, but more like Mawaru Penguindrum where they’re purposefully holding holding some things back to develop a sense of mystery. It reminds me a lot of Penguindrum, now that I think about it, due to the strong emphasis on symbolism as well.

Also, fabulous OP.

Can’t wait for more.

1 thought on “Kiznavier — First Impressions

  1. Not just you. It’s a very good season. Maybe no standout masterpieces like last season’s Rakugo but lots of very interesting stuff.

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