Knights of Sidonia — First Impressions


A dark post-apocalyptic future against strange alien invaders. A boy comes up from the depths of the city and becomes a pilot.


Holy crap that was awesome. Five thumbs up out of two.

This is what Titans should have been. It’s a similar story so far, but the way they tell it here is infinitely better.

10 thoughts on “Knights of Sidonia — First Impressions

  1. I hope you’re just kidding.

    On another note, that CG is awful and the characters’ faces are stiff and robotic, not to mention their movements. The FPS of the animation also seems to be quite low. I’d almost rather they’d just rotoscope…almost.

    1. Nope, 100% serious! The CG is pretty decent when they’re in space, and the backgrounds look great. I will agree that the characters are stiff and robotic.

      But, the story the show is telling is interesting enough that I don’t mind!

  2. Yeah, this first episode was surprisingly solid. The character designs are a bit weird (will hopefully get used to them), but the storytelling and stuff is great. This should, in theory, be a fun show!

    1. Exactly! It’s particularly off-putting how a lot of the girls are clones or something. I’m sure this is intentional.

      1. Yep. You can read between the lines in the first episode and if you’re familiar at all with science fiction tropes you’d see they’re all genetically modified in some way. Cloning and intersex being the most obvious.

        The next questions come to mind– what causes a society to become like that? To modify everyone.. To build over older cities? Then you figure out the rest and flesh out the background to the story.

  3. My god I loved this show. It perfectly projects he grandeur of space, while mostly obeying realistic physics. Said grandeur is instantly contrasted with desolation. Perfect for the dystopian setting we’re presented. I haven’t seen that in soooo long. I have big hopes for exploring the meaning behind all these nasty forces we’re setup in.

    That said, I couldn’t help myself and devoured the manga. I still want more. This anime does an excellent job above and beyond the manga– but I want more!

    I find the inhuman animation appropriate for a society that has modified itself beyond human for survival. They are not human. Not moving like man makes sense for their dystopian setting.

    1. Glad to hear this is even better than the manga! I am not going to read and just enjoy the show from week to week.

      I agree that the animation is appropriate for the setting.

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