Koi to Uso — First Impressions

Kids are horny.

This is one of my favorite current manga. It’s a love polygon, which I feel we haven’t seen much of lately. With someĀ amazing shipping.

But the thing that makes this one particularly interesting is that I can’t decide who to root for in the shipping wars. It feels like I switch sides after every chapter. It has no trouble keeping you on the edge for over a hundred chapters. And it does this without making the characters across as idiotic or as assholes, like most of these love polygon stories tend to do. The love rivals end up becoming good friends with each other.

Also, this is a much more thoughtful, critical and reflective take on romance and love than you’ll get in any other show like this. It’s a great response to the fated couple / red string of fate theme that you’ll often see in anime.

With all that said, the adaptation seemed decent, but not all that great. It didn’t capture everything with the same impact and emotional intimacy of the manga. Of course it could improve, but I’m suspecting this may be one of those shows where you’re better off reading the manga.

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