Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! — First Impressions


A shut-in dies and enters a fantasy world. Hey, wait, is this Mushoku Tensei?!!!


Just kidding. Sadly, this is no Mushoku Tensei. But I still liked the first episode quite a bit. It feels much more… innocent than other anime lately? Like by the end of this episode, the two main characters end up living together and sleeping in the same bed, but they don’t even make dirty jokes about it. That said, I’m not sure exactly why I’m calling it “innocent” when the main girl isn’t wearing pants and we’re staring at her butt most of the time?

The best thing about the show is the relationship between the two main characters. I always like it when they don’t quite get along.

Can’t wait for more of this.

4 thoughts on “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! — First Impressions

  1. All the main characters are really quirky and weird; it’s like each one is a trope/stereotype + a twist. Aqua for example, is a goddess who should have supreme power… but is also really rude, self-centred, and obnoxious who lost her power when getting dragged down to a human’s level.

    Hence why I find Gifting! hilarious and I feel no shame reading it.

    1. Hm, maybe I will check it out after the show is done. It looks like it’s not a light novel so maybe I can stomach it.

      1. … It’s a light novel.


        Though it might be hard to find either way, since apparently the translators were recently hit by a DMCA.

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