Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead 06 — Justice

A rather dull episode, although it had its share of funny moments. At this point, we’re almost halfway through the series and nothing has happened.

We start with another doki-doki moment with Taeko. I could totally ship this, but I wasn’t feeling it today. Too serious. The only good moment Taeko had in this episode was when she once again complimented Ayumu on his legs.

Mysteltainn-sensei finally returned. Now hopefully we can go back to bashing up perverted animals in school uniforms. The “I’ll be back!” was mildly amusing but mostly just dumb. I hope they realize you’re supposed to say it when you’re leaving, not when you’re coming back?

Ayumu, of course, continues to be disgusting. That will always be this show’s one saving grace, no matter what they end up doing.

So disgusting. The insert song was the highlight of the episode.\

So disgusting.

Tomonori is the character I have the most trouble getting behind. She has very few redeeming features. She is slavishly devoted to her “husband” for no apparent reason, and her breasts continue to expand. Why does she even exist? Pretty much nothing she does is funny, aside from how she fights with ramen. Which hasn’t happened since when, her first appearance?Β She puts lots of condiments on everything, but that’s just disgusting. Especially when you compare it to Gintama’s mayonaise which is legitimately funny.

To summarize, I laughed at Ayumu being disgusting, the compliment to his legs, the Mysteltainn kick, and the Megalo. Not exactly a stellar number of laughs for an episode that hardly had any plot progression either. This show needs to pick up the pace and do something new or get tossed into the large pile of utterly forgettable sequels.

6 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?!! Of the Dead 06 — Justice

    1. I’ll confess I had to look up what hemoptysis is… but yes, he does look quite similar. πŸ™‚

  1. Sorry, but I dropped this series. I found myself surfing the net while watching this ep b/c it was so boring. Most likely 3h of my precious time saved by not watching the rest. I will follow your posts, though, to see if the decision was good.

    1. Pretty sure it will end up being a good choice. I’m starting to lose hope in this series as well.

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