Mahouka 15 — Tatsuya Totally Owns Them


  • Great. We start off with five minutes of Tatsuya explaining the strategy for this Monolith game. I don’t give a fuck. It’s basically Capture the Flag except lamer. Which is hard to imagine because it also involves magic but it’s true.
  • Now Tatsuya tells this guy how to use his magic correctly. Sigh.


  • Of course. Why did it take you so long?
  • That conversation literally wasted a sixth of the episode.
  • Now Tatsuya gets to play with guns and camo gear! Yay! If he imagines his opponents are Chinese he can never be defeated.
  • And of course, Tatsuya destroys his opponents without even looking at them.


  • What a surprise. But seriously, how do they make this game seem so boring? Tatsuya makes magic explode next to the enemy’s head, Leo hits them with a giant rock, and the other guy makes them dizzy. The enemies make no effective resistance whatsoever. Since otherwise we wouldn’t understand how amazing Tatsuya is. This doesn’t exactly make for a compelling narrative.
  • Tatsuya’s “friends” wonder why he isn’t using all his supermoves. Hm, I wonder if the final match will be any challenge for him.


  • Erika fights with her brother… because he’s been corrupted by a woman. Of course, the only way for a pure onii-san to be corrupted. His corruption is evidenced by the fact that he’s using magic tricks in addition to kendo. It’s all Mari’s fault. Erika refuses to apologize. I give all of zero fucks.


  • Ok I admit it. I laughed. For maybe the second time in this entire series.
  • And for this battle, Red walks towards the goal, completely ignoring the enemy while they chunk rocks at him. Exciting.
  • Erika tells Mikihiko how awesome his magic is. Mikihiko wonders why she doesn’t just suck his cock.
  • Phew, Tatsuya’s secret weapon arrives. And Tatsuya is again looking for the terrorist base so he can attack it. Isn’t this exactly what happened in the last arc…?
  • If the enemy’s plan is supposed to make them sound intelligent, it isn’t working out that well. They’re just spouting gibberish…

Welp, at least stuff happened in this episode. Sort of. It’s one of the better of the past seven episodes. Not that that’s saying anything at all.

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