Mahouka 24 – 25 — More Stupidity

Three more episodes! I can do it!

Episode 24

  • Starting off with a terrorist attack. I wonder who could have done it. Maybe some of the Japanese people oppressed by the oligarchy? Nah, this is Mahouka, gotta be the Chinese terrorists.


  • Why does this guy look so lame?


  • Another one of Tatsuya’s many skills… not only can he read lips, he can determine the type of weapon by the vibrations it causes?


  • You guys thought a bullet would stop Tatsuya?! Fools, he can catch something like that with his bare hands!
  • Lol, Tatsuya is fast enough to catch semi-automatic weapons in his hand, so the guy pulls out a knife. I’m sure that will work better…
  • Ahaha Tatsuya just chopped some poor guy’s arm off.


  • … Of course this is her only concern.
  • Well that attack didn’t last long. What idiots, to send only six people to capture Tatsuya. And five hundred other Japanese child soldiers.
  • Looks like Curious George wants to join the party.


  • Oh never mind he just wants to explain how awesome Tatsuya’s magic is. Jesus… let’s time how long this pointless explanation takes.
  • Almost thirty seconds. The reason it’s so short: Tatsuya doesn’t have time to explain it! Sure he doesn’t. Sure he doesn’t. He just wants to look cool and walk off into the sunset, off to kill some Chinks.


  • Oh no, it’s a terrorist attack! People might start to panic! People might even get hurt! Not from the terrorists, their grenades or guns, of course. No self-respecting Japanese could ever get hurt by such primitive weapons. But if people continue to panic they might die of an anxiety attack! Better use magic to brainwash everyone and forcibly calm them down!


  • Now she has to grab the mike and explain her lineage. During the middle of the fucking terrorist attack.
  • *Yawn*… I’d rather have Tatsuya murdering some Chinese than listening to this stupid speech.
  • This is dumb. There are like five hundred magical child soldiers here. If all of them had a thousandth of the power of Tatsuya they could easily take out the entire Chinese army.
  • Poor Leo, didn’t even get a chance to chop the arms off some Chinese.
  • Great, one of Tatsuya’s haremettes knows all the government’s secret codes.
  • Oops, gotta go back and destroy the experiments from the high school science fair so the terrorists can’t steal them.
  • It’s a terrorist attack, and the most exciting thing they can do is… run around the convention center meeting each other in different rooms. Fuck this shit.
  • Imagine how Zankyou no Terror would have handled this terrorist attack. Now look at how Mahouka does it. My God.
  • Tatsuya can see the Chinese terrorists through five solid walls. I’m not making this up.
  • And he just dematerializes the enemy’s bus. This is so boring…
  • Random army guys talking… I don’t give a crap… Now everyone knows Tatsuya’s in the army…
  • Tatsuya and Miyuki stare into one another’s eyes…


  • This is probably supposed to be romantic or something but it’s pretty darn creepy.
  • I guess Tatsuya got an upgrade or something. Whatever. Like he needed it.

Fuck, I still have one more episode of Mahouka to watch.

Mahouka 25

  • Our heroes make humans explode into blobs of goo. Who were the good guys again?
  • The world of Mahouka is filled with cronyism and the country is ruled by the oligarchy. Apparently this is supposed to be a good thing? Normally people in favor of these things at least pay lip service to the ideas of a “meritocracy” and “efficiency”…


  • Great, Tatsuya gets a stupid suit now to make him even more powerful. He designed the suit, of course. No one else in this show is allowed to do anything useful.
  • Yeah, Tatsuya just took out a drone a mile up in the air with his pistol. No big deal.
  • Curious George and the other guy explode some poor Chinese. The bus driver calmly waves at them to hurry up and get on the bus already. It’s somewhat frightening how normalized violence is in the world of Mahouka… The author doesn’t see anything wrong with children waving weapons around and murdering people.


  • Noblesse oblige. The world was a better place when we had honorable nobles to take care of the common people, after all.
  • Curious George is a commoner though, so he has to stay behind and take care of the rabble.
  • What an exciting battle. Miyuki immediately freezes  the enemies, and, now that they are completely harmless and unable to defend themselves, someone else bravely rushes in and chops them in half. Nobility, honor, and courage! Yay!
  • Yeah, let’s be honest. This isn’t a battle. It’s a massacre.


  • What a surprise! It’s those damn chinks, always jealous of the technology developed by Japan’s high schoolers! Whoddathunkit?


  • Finally a single Japanese person dies. THIS time they censor it. Because, you know, all those Chinese people who exploded before? They weren’t really human. No need to censor that.
  • Oh wait, for the Japanese Tatsuya will use his resurrection magic. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will never die.”

Only one episode to go! Yes!!!!

18 thoughts on “Mahouka 24 – 25 — More Stupidity

  1. You shouldn’t be so happy this is almost over, there is bound to be a movie of a nerdy racist incest crap anime like this ^^ I’d like to read your review on that lol

  2. O shyt Tatsuya brought somebody back to life with absolutely no explanation by pointing his gun at him. He should go resurrect Albert Einstein so maybe he has somebody interesting enough to talk to to get him though an afternoon or two.

        1. Yeah, I can imagine how it would go…

          Einstein: Why am I a “Weed”? I came up with the Theory of Relativity and won a Nobel Prize! And they won’t give me ten dollars for my Physics Club, while your Magical Science Club gets millions of dollars to study fucking transfer of momentum! (

          Tatsuya: It’s not discrimination. Everyone respects you. In the end, no one despised you as a weed as much as… you yourself!

          Einstein: Fuck you.

          Tatsuya pulls out his gun and arrests Einstein. He is a true hero.

          1. lololol

            you’re making me want to watch the rest of this anime just to see where it goes and the irony of it all.

  3. I made it to around the point tatsuya battled some guy and was supposed to be killed but super healed himself. Show get any better or worse afterwards apart from tatsuyas power over life and death?

    1. No, it gets worse. Once it gets to the Olympics arc it becomes one of the worst anime I have watched in my entire life. Not exaggerating.

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