Mirai Nikki 11 — Police Brutality

This show is so much better when it isn’t killing off random side characters. The arcs with that little kid and the dogs were two of the worst arcs in the manga as well. But now we’re actually getting somewhere!

The Police are Dumb

First of all, who would actually willingly let himself get shot, even with a bulletproof vest? Apparently Yuno was not an amateur for aiming at the head: it’s the only place that would have worked.

Second, who would fire a “warning shot” at a fleeing criminal pointing a gun at them? This sounds like an even worse idea.

This police department needs to conduct a thorough review of their procedures.

Behind Pink Eyes

I’m not a fan of how Yuno’s eyes gloss over when she goes nuts. This serves to compartmentalize her two personalities, when really, they’re two sides of the same coin. Half of the fun with Yuno is not knowing which side of her personality she’s going to show at any given moment. Making her eyes gloss over ruins the anticipation and the suspense of guessing whether she’s going to hug Yukkiteru or shoot him in the back next.


Fourth and Ninth’s alliance seems pretty… weird. I forget whether it made more sense in the manga, but my hunch is that it didn’t. Why would a cop trust a terrorist to make the world a better place?

Ninth made a fabulous appearance, as usual. And I approve of her pirate nurse costume.

This was a bit unnecessary but… meh… with Yuno holding the ladder, and Yukiteru and Ninth speculating on how to both get across without Yuno killing them, it was actually pretty funny to watch.

I loved the donut scene too. Mawaru Penguindrum this is not. No one cares about the children.


FYI, in case anyone’s wondering, I’m skipping Last Exile this week since it was a recap episode.

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2 thoughts on “Mirai Nikki 11 — Police Brutality

  1. I totally agree with on the whole thing with Yuno’s eyes. It was more interesting not knowing when she would do something crazy but now we get this warning and it spoils the surprise.

    Also pirate nurse…. classic.

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