Moretsu Pirates 02 — Only *YOU* Can be a Bodacious Space Pirate Captain!

So it looks like I’ll be blogging Moretsu Pirates, Another, and Inu x Boku SS (assuming the second episodes are good) in addition to Last Exile, Mirai Nikki and Guilty Crown.

This show hasn’t been all that bodacious yet, but I think this is because it’s just getting started. Instead of going all in for the first episode, they’ve taken the time to build up the characters and setting. And I think this is going to pay off once we get to the pirating.

Family Bonding

I liked the scene with the guns a lot. This made it hit home for Marika that her mother was indeed a pirate. It also made two big things hit home for the viewer: that the mother was a space pirate, and that Marika is not a space pirate. Marika’s first reaction on seeing the guns is to ask why her mother hasn’t been arrested yet.

But perhaps more importantly, this trip to the ruins of space shows how close the family is. Marika’s mother is not exactly normal, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. She’s trying to be a mother in the best way she knows how: by preparing her daughter to be a pirate captain. And this trip was certainly a bonding experience. Despite not knowing her mother’s past, Marika is still close to her.

Electronic Warfare

As someone who works with computers, I tend to dislike segments of anime involving computers. Why? Because they never know what they’re talking about. My annoyance increases as the show’s setting approaches reality. Stellvia was awesome because it had no basis in reality. Steins; Gate was pretty realistic, so I couldn’t stand it when it spouted nonsense (using blackholes to compress petabytes into a few bytes? No.).

How did Moretsu Pirates’ attempt at electronic warfare fare?

I liked it. The presentation isn’t too unrealistic. It’s not exactly realistic either, but the show is set far in the future, so I don’t find it completely absurd like Stellvia. But the main reason I don’t mind the electronic warfare segment is that the characters don’t know anything about electronic warfare!

This is like a preemptive declaration to ease my concerns: “We don’t know what we’re talking about, so don’t sweat the small stuff!” And I obeyed.

Plus, I thought it was hilarious how Marika decided to fight an electronic war by herself without knowing anything about it. Grade A captain material, this one. And I have to wonder, could the creators be poking fun at the recent public pants pissing about electronic “warfare” with China? The fact that they used the term “electronic warfare” rather than the more common “hacking” suggests to me that this isn’t accidental.

World Building

This show’s managed to avoid exposition dumps entirely, aside from the opening segments’ history lessons. But the world is slowly coming to life through the details encountered in the course of the story. Here’s a few things that were mention in passing this episode that should become more important as we go.

  • The three groups following Marika at the cafe were mentioned. The police, the Stellar Military ops, and the space mafia. Why exactly were they following her? I’m guessing that the pirates will have some run ins with each of these groups.
  • The mother mentioned that the police looked the other way with her weapons cache. Is this because they couldn’t find it, or out of plain laziness, corruption, or some sort of understanding they’ve come to with the pirates?
  • They mentioned the seven original pirate ships. I’m guessing we’ll be seeing more of them.
  • The school owns a pirate ship. I want to go to this school! I’m guessing they have connections with the pirates, especially considering how easily the man from the pirate ship became a teacher.

The creators have also been doing well at developing the cast. From the OP, it looks like there’s going to be an enormous number of characters. The classmates are just starting to fall onto our radar screen. I like them so far.

It looks like things should become more bodacious in the next episode when the crew sets sail on their maiden voyage.

16 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 02 — Only *YOU* Can be a Bodacious Space Pirate Captain!

  1. Aw, no Symphogear?

    If I weren’t so busy right now, I would’ve watched Mouretsu Pirates. Maybe in a few months when I have more time I”ll pick it up.

    I’m glad you seem to be enjoying it so far!

    1. Symphogear was my next runner-up. But I decided I probably wouldn’t have much to say except “Awesome music battle” and “Oooh, yuri!”.

  2. Still going at a respectable pace. I am actually glad they did not go off on a info dump, would been a whole lot harder to like much akin to what Horizion did to me last season with all the terminology. I couldn’t help, but lol @ the Electronic Warfare thing. Sort of reminded me of what Anonmyus did to Santrex…well that was hacking, but whatever.

  3. I really liked the family bonding scene, though it doesn’t exactly seem like she’s preparing her to be a captain. It looks more like Ririka is giving Marika a taste of what it’s like to be a pirate and the responsibilities that come with it, but most importantly emphasizing that the decision is Marika’s alone and no one can force her to pick one or the other.

    I felt the rest of the episode went too slowly though, and they used up a lot of time boarding and preparing the ship. The electronic warfare scene was longer than I would’ve wanted too.

    1. Yeah, she’s definitely telling her it’s her choice alone and the responsibilities of a pirate. But she also said that even more power and responsibility comes from being a captain rather than simply holding a gun.

      They did spend a fair amount of time readying the skip, but it helped us get to know some of the classmates. So it should save time later on, I think.

  4. It’s funny how this issue of knowledge works. I remember when I was watching Lost I loved every single minute of it until they did a backstory for Jack in Phuket, Thailand. Since I actually know about the place, I was cringing and it was all I could do not to holler.

    I hardly ever have a problem with depictions of Africa, say, because I’ve never ever been there and I’ve studied so little of the place. (I bet you tons of people cringed when they did the Nigerian backstory, but of course I was fine with it..) But once you get into East Asia and even more Southeast Asia I find that my knowledge impairs my enjoyment.

    I guess this means we should stop learning stuff and fiction writing will please us all the more.

    1. Or alternatively, fiction writers should research what they’re writing about. 🙂 Or abandon all semblance to reality.

  5. First of all, my obligatory joke for the 1st picture that I also didn’t ignore: SPOOOOOOOON! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, never mind.

    Secondly, I have really high hopes for this show so I don’t mind at all that it’s off to a slow start because I’ve seen anime for so long that I know this usually means something big is coming when Marika’s pirate captain training is complete. I look forward to much greatness when that time comes.

    I so do enjoy the tag team dynamic of Marika and Chiaka…in more ways than one hmhmhmhmhmhm.

    Anyway, looking forward to the next episode.

    P.S.: Chiaka is the cutest character on the show so far. Type-A tsundere + Meganekko + hime cut= WIN!

    1. I totally agree re: Chiaka. I want more of her. Although I also think Marika will get better as she becomes the captain.

  6. Symphogear would be better if it fleshed out a story and characters. The second episode was discouraging, IMO

  7. Hooray family bonding scene with super powered lasers! Such a fantastic scene and it really shows Marika has a lot to learn, but it was more about hey if you have a giant laser gun people will shut up and obey or get blown to bits…

    Yeah that whole electronic warfare scene was great! Marika is so much like Luffy from One Piece minus the rubber powers and bottomless pit for a stomach. The reason I compare them both are captains while Marika is just about to become one, but both of them charge in without question and deal with everything else later.

    Great selection of shows to blog! I will be following Pirates, Lagrannge and the rest of Guilty Crown…

    1. Somehow family bonding scenes are much better when they involve super powered lasers. Interesting comparison to Luffy, although I’ve only seen the first ten or so episodes of One Piece and I don’t think he’d become a captain yet.

      I’ll continue following your posts!

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