Moretsu Pirates 03 — Masts Ahoy!

The yacht club finishes its final exams and begins its maiden voyage in space.

Taking Their Time

Was this episode boring? A bit. It certainly wasn’t bodacious. The creators sure are taking their sweet time about turning Marika into a pirate. Since this show is going to be two seasons, I think it will probably work out in the end. But I am getting impatient.

They made it seem like we were getting somewhere with the electronic warfare, only to turn it into an anticlimax as the power went out and the other ship ran away. The anticlimax did fit the theme though. What differentiates Moretsu Pirates from other space shows, I feel, is how down to earth it is. They’ve expanded on many of the more mundane details of the setting: power supplies in the space station, expanding the ship’s sails, the depressurization process, communication systems, and tying up hair inside helmets. Having criminals flee when caught is a part of this pattern. We’d never see this kind of detail in, say, Gundam or Macross.


The part of this show I like the least is everything involving their teacher and the nurse. Especially the nurse! They’re so boring and they always sound and look so smug! You should never trust someone who smiles all the time. I hope the pirate crew just sent the two members who placed last in the popularity contest.

12 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 03 — Masts Ahoy!

  1. And then the big problem is that we’re already worried about the “cliffhanger” with the mast thing, because last’s episode electronic warfare cliffhanger turned out to be a dud. Anyway, it looks pretty πŸ™‚

  2. While I agree about the nurse, I actually quite like Kane. Even if it’s only because he’s being unintentionally hilarious by telling the girls to tie down their hair while his own spiky mop sticks out in all directions…

  3. Good point! This episode was really really slow…thankfully we will get 26 episodes to build up to Marika becoming the pirate captain. And the random fan service has become the talk of the blog world, but I see now major issues sure it was the typical girls locker room scene! And there is always one of those girls that messes around to much xD

    The safety lesson was good and I enjoyed watching Kane take his job seriously, then again I bet Marika’s mom probably has Kane watching her.

    Agreed! In Gundam or Macross they are all FK YA SPACE BITCHES!! SCREW DA SAFETY <3

    1. I hope it’s not 26 episodes entirely of buildup. She’ll need to get involved in piracy before that or I’m going to lose my interest…

      I didn’t really think the fanservice was that bad. They just showed her belly button, if I remember correctly. At this point I’ve learned not to be bothered.

  4. Ehhhhhh…to me, they still haven’t built up the redhead’s character as someone to care about a lot. She still seems somewhat like a generic teen, compared to the lead in Lagrange who has been given more flavor.

    Both shows have the same director but different production companies: Satelight ( which made Noein), and Xebec (which made Rio: Rainbow Gate)…

    1. Sure, Marika is a bit of a ditz, but I like her. She she seems like an actual person. I can’t stand that girl from Lagrange. She’s so enthusiastic and energetic and excitable that it’s obnoxious!

      From what I’ve heard through the grapevine the director isn’t actually doing much on Lagrange, although I don’t know much about this. It sounds like he’s the director in name only, more or less.

  5. “The creators sure are taking their sweet time about turning Marika into a pirate.”

    Memories of the blogsphere complaining about Madoka are resurfacing

    1. You have a point. πŸ™‚

      With Madoka she wasn’t a magical girl yet but there was still tons of messed up stuff going on. I guess I don’t really care if she technically becomes a pirate, I just want things to get some more bodacious.

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