Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san — First Impressions


Some guy catches a mermaid. She proceeds to annoy him.


It did make me chuckle a few times. But mostly it was the “wow, this is so dumb” kind of chuckle. Its style of humor is the “string a ton of jokes together and hope some of them work” variety. I’ve watched so many of these kinds of shows that I don’t have the patience for them anymore. Dropped.

4 thoughts on “Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san — First Impressions

  1. This was a fun first episode and it is so easy to watch I mean if you can survive 5mins of Senyuu or Inferno Cop you can watch this! It feels like kind of like a side story in Ika Musume xD

    1. Yeah I couldn’t survive Senyuu (and never tried Inferno Cop). Squid Girl has a much more interesting personality than this girl.

  2. Agreed, it wasn’t that funny. I had hoped for more. Also the pure thought of having a fishing hook sticking between my teeth makes me slightly sick. Reminds me of a certain movie by korean director Kim Ki-Duk which has some rather graphic scenes: .

    1. Yeah fishing hooks are disgusting. I used to go fishing at school but am quite grateful I never actually managed to catch anything.

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