2 thoughts on “Nande Koko ni Sensei ga — First Impressions

  1. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a normal 99 year old man named Adam Lee he is dying from cancer he lives in Tokyo Japan he dies one day in the hospital and is reborn as a newborn baby prince in a different world called Elysium. his name is prince Adam keeping his first name back on earth.

  2. many years later he attends his first year of a high school at a private coed magical boarding school called Paradise academy it is a very large school with many dorms and fancy facilities and is connected to a city called new globetrotter city which is the largest city in the world of Elysium and its capital where the royal family lives the king and queen of Elysium are prince Adam’s parents in his new world they are named King Seth Stone and Queen Evangelina Stone.

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