No. 6 02 — Bad Pickup Lines

Girls in the future are quite straightforward.

So this will be the second show I’m picking up this season, after Usagi Drop, mainly because I love the dystopian sci-fi setting in No. 6. Hopefully No. 6 will make better use of its setting than its predecessors Fractale and [C] did. The creators seem to have an idea of where they’re headed, so my hopes are high.

In this episode, we jump two years into the future to see what happens after Shion harbors the runaway Nezumi. He is found out in short order by the Ministry of Peace, and both him and his mother are exiled to Lost Town. Shion meets his girlfriend again, who still wants to have his baby, but he puts her off. Nezumi gets jealous and draws Shion away with his rat.

Shion finds a dead, aged body in the park and reports it, but is met with a mysterious coverup. Then, as Shion mentions that the city is hiding something, his friend has the same thing happen and dies, and a bee comes out of the wound. Shion is arrested for treason, but Rat frees him, and they escape together through the sewers. Shion appears to have marks on his throat in the area where the bee left his friend.

The setting continues to be great, and it is only expanding as they go outside the wall. There are still plenty of questions left, and the creators haven’t played all their cards yet. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the city. What is Lost Town, and what is the truth behind the cities? The plot is also good: the creators seem to know where they’re heading.

On the negative side, it looks to me like this show is headed for some yaoi content. I can take some, and it doesn’t seem like it should be that bad. Another issue is that the two male characters suffer from bishoujo syndrome. They don’t seem to have too much of a personality and are too perfect. Shion’s previously unstoppable curiosity appears to have been beaten into compliance by the government.

4 thoughts on “No. 6 02 — Bad Pickup Lines

  1. Get rid of “r sperm” and maybe it would be an okay pick up line. I don’t think there’s going to be yaoi content. They’re good friends already and they’re going to rely on each other to survive. It would be awesome if they could keep it at a bond of brotherhood level.

    1. I really hope you’re right… but the hand holding, lying together in bed, etc. are giving me some bad vibes. Not to mention he ran away from the girl who wants his sperm to look for his male friend…

  2. Erm I’m kind of excited for the shounen ai xD
    I really like where the story is headed I wish to know more about the city and the government. *can’t wait for next week*
    I Died laughing at the “I want your sperm.” part.
    Personally as a guy I wouldn’t accept her either xD
    Too strait forward… scary stuff.

    LOL but yeah epic blog xD

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