Plastic Memories — First Impressions


People go to retrieve dying robots.

I’d written this off just from the description— it sounded like a Chobits clone, boy falls in love with dependent robot. But this first episode was actually pretty good. The show has an excellent sense of humor. I especially like the main robot girl and the stupid thing she does.

There does seem to be a romance component to this (the boy fell in love in the first ten seconds) but for now at least it’s in the background. It’s mainly the comedy combined with tearjerker robot retrievals. Now, I’m not typically a big fan of tearjerkers, but this wasn’t so bad. At least they had a good reason to be upset. And given the situation it didn’t feel too drawn out. And it helps a lot when they follow up all that serious crying with some good old-fashioned potty humor.


As long as they keep up the good work with the comedy, I’m looking forward to the rest of Plastic Memories.

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        1. Really? Nee-san about girls club of plastic models? Lot of gags, absurd humor, etc? Same universe? May be same author.

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