Reikenzan Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage — First Impressions


A boy enters a competition to become an apprentice to magic flying sword skateboarders.

Wtf was this? It seems fundamentally opposed to basic storytelling conventions. Like it starts off with an innkeeper kicking people out of the VIP room, and then the main character coincidentally steps by with the special ticket. Then the landlord is blackmailed into selling radishes and the main character buys her radishes and then cheats people with them??? Wtf is going on??? Then they enter a tournament  to become magic sword skateboarders, which starts by kicking out people who are over 12 years old. Which is most of the people who came for the tournament? Which they have every year? And which has always had this same rule? Why did they all show up???


Most of the episode is like that. My thinking is too logical for this anime. Also the main character is a little prat.

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