Renai Bokun Review — D-

The Death Note of love falls into the hands of a bunch of morons.

This was so painful to watch. By all rights I should enjoy it… one of the main characters is a yandere. I love yanderes.

But it’s impossible to overlook how poorly done this entire show is. Saying the characters are one-dimensional… is probably one dimension too high. The male lead and the female lead are both especially bland. And everyone is a moron. The animation is terrible. Even the voice acting seems pretty bad. The plot is dumb and amounts to nothing.

It has a yandere. That’s the only thing it has going for it. She also sucks as far as yanderes go, but hey, that’s the only reason I bothered to watch it at all.

  • Storytelling – F – No.
  • Voice – F – Makes me excited for it to end.
  • Characters – D – There is a yandere.
  • Attention Grab – D – Somehow I barely finished it.
  • Production – F – Looks bad.
  • Overall – D-

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